Binary Options Trading Platform Features



Our Up/Down feature is commonly used with Binary options trading signals.
The trader selects the asset and predicts whether the price will be above (Up) or below (Down) the current price at the selected expiration time. The asset list includes commodities, currency pairs, stock market indexes and stocks. Every binary option has its expiration time (predominantly at the end of the trading day). Once the expiration time is reached the two asset prices (i.e. the ‘bidding’ price and the expiry price of the selected commodity, index, currency etc.) are compared. The user either earns or losses money on that particular asset, depending on whether his/her prediction regarding the price direction was correct or not.

Buy more Time

The latest innovation is our Buy more Time feature. This feature allows traders to extend the expiration of an open by position by additional 10, 20 or 30 min without having to roll over to the next available expiration period. From 1 minute to 10 minutes before the trade expires, the trader is at a point where he can re-evaluate his position according to market price and extend the trade he/her wishes to do so. Cost will vary depending on the amount of minutes remaining on your open position and how many additional minutes you would like to add. The cost is deducted from the traders balance hence the original trade remains the same.

Quick Options

Trade quickly when the markets may be volatile with our exciting ‘Quick options’ feature. The trading procedure is similar to the Delta Capital Markets Up/Down trading feature; however it has one important difference. The time between the bid time and the expiry time is between 1-4 minutes only, so depending on your prediction, you will know sooner rather than later if your trade was successful or not. The ability to make predictions quickly has recently made the quick options trading a hot topic amongst traders.

Long Term Options

Long term trading is suitable for the more advanced trader, as it presents a way to utilize existing market knowledge for long term positions. The difference between this particular feature compared to the standard up/down feature is the expiration time – you can open long term positions with expiry times anywhere from end of the day, up to one year.

Super Cash

The Delta capital markets ‘Super Cash’ feature is an auto feed that offers traders pre-set positions with up to 99% pay outs per trade. Super Cash gives traders the ability to trade on the opposite direction of other traders with a pre-set ready to trade asset, expiry time and pay outs up to 99%! The feed is located on the right side bar of the platform and can be expanded or removed based depending on trader’s preference.

Limit Order

Our unique and innovative feature that allows traders to place an order or open positions automatically when the price level of the selected asset reaches the required price. This new feature brings traders new abilities to enrich their portfolio and provide them with professional trading techniques.

1 | 4 Graph Display

With a simple click of a button, each trader can build his/her own trading room and manage different options simultaneously.

Personalized colours

Delta Capital Markets allows users to be able to change the skin colour of the platform from black to pearl white. Changing the colour is not permanent, and can be easily switched at any time.


This professional feature is now available for Binary options traders. Each candlestick represents a time period. Use the candlesticks to analyse the market volume.
The candlestick colours represent the buying and selling of that particular asset. The top of the candlestick stats the highest price of the asset. The bottom of the candlestick states the lowest price of the asset, however the colour represents the direction.

Social Trading

Delta Capital markets has introduced the first social network within Binary options.
Our innovative feature allows users to trade socially. Traders can now view other traders limit orders or trades and copy them directly from the Social Trading wall. Social trading in binary options is what everybody has been talking about and now we have it.