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Can I close my binary option before the expiry time?
Yes, our platform allows traders to close out of their open positions early, which will allow you to lock-in profits or curb losses.

Can I extend or roll over my binary to another expiry time?
Yes, the extend feature on the platform enables traders to extend the expiration time of a particular option.

Can I double my investment on a winning trade?
Traders can increase investment on an open option which looks poised to make a profit and receive a double payout on expiry, if the prediction was correct.

What is the minimum amount I can place per trade?
The minimum amount for a single binary option is £10.00 per trade or the currency equivalent.

What is the maximum I can place per trade?
The maximum amount for a single binary option is £5,000 per trade or the currency equivalent.

How do I view my trading history?
You can view your trading history by clicking

How are your binary options priced?
The binary options on our platform are  priced and settled based on the official live Reuters price.

In which timezone are your binary options displayed?
All our binary options are displayed as GMT and are synchronised with the official markets.

Do you offer demo accounts?
We do not offer demo accounts however we recommend that you contact us and one of our knowledgeable account managers will be able to help you to set up an account and teach you how to use the platform.

Can I make more than 1 trade at a time?
You can make as many simultaneous trades as you would like. There are no restrictions on the number of trades you can make at any given time.