About DCM

About us

DCM is a group of passionate, professional and dedicated individuals committed to the highest service levels. Every member of our team has years of experience within the financial trading sector.

Our team consists of account managers, analyst, creative designers, skilled developers and dedicated support staff whose primary goal is to assist our valued clients and partners to achieve success. Every member of the team believes in building partnerships where everyone succeeds and enjoys the rewards.

Our Beliefs

  1. Make it simple
    Go direct to the source, cut out any unnecessary steps, save time, save money. Let’s do everything in the simplest way we can.

  2. Customers are precious
    Like the beautiful gemstones in our jewellery, every customer is precious and must be highly valued.

  3. Every time should be like the first
    No matter how many times you’ve answered a call today, sent out emails or described the functions on the platform, that may be a customer’s first experience of us and first impressions count.

  4. Speak your mind
    We don’t beat about the bush. We’d rather be open and honest even when tackling difficult subjects.